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Buyer Representation

One of the biggest mistakes a buyer can make is purchasing a property without the assistance of an experienced Real Estate Professional.  A Realtor that represents the buyer and maintains loyalty to the buyer is called a Buyer’s Agent. A Buyer’s Agent is your advocate in the transaction.

A good real estate professional helps you narrow your search, point you in the right direction, provide invaluable local knowledge and lore that will assist in your final decision, guides you in the contract and financing process and enables you to successfully navigate the home buying process.

With over 20 years of full-time Residential Real Estate experience, Jason & Dyan Pithers make the home buying process easier by applying their wealth of knowledge to your situation. The home buying process should be serious but also fun! Call or text Jason & Dyan Pithers today to get started!  813-601-2920.

Transaction Brokerage vs. Single Agency

Who represents you as your Buyer’s Agent is your choice. Don’t be fooled into thinking that agents acting in a Transaction Brokerage capacity are not loyal or acting in your best interests. It’s just not true. In Florida, Transaction Brokerage is permitted under the law and the assumed brokerage role. Transaction Brokerage is not Dual Agency. The rules of confidentiality still apply. To further provide our clients with peace of mind and since Jason and Dyan Pithers are a husband and wife team, they create a “Chinese wall” and have separate practices within the business framework. We always designate who will primarily represent the Seller or Buyer in a transaction. We do not compromise our ethics in any situation and maintain loyalty and confidentiality to make sure the best deal is struck between the parties. This allows Jason & Dyan Pithers to represent the Buyer and Seller in a single transaction but still maintain an “arm’s length transaction”.

Differences in Florida Home Purchase Process

Every state’s home buying process is different. Jason & Dyan Pithers can let you know how the home buying process in Florida may differ from your originating State. In Florida, title companies act as a neutral party to ‘settle’ the transaction. They are responsible to research the chain of title, make sure the Seller can transfer clear and marketable title and then issue an Owner’s Title Policy to the Buyer to insure them after closing. It’s very different from other States where attorneys ‘settle’ the transaction. That doesn’t mean you can can’t have attorney review –  it’s always an option. Talk to Jason & Dyan Pithers about what to expect when you purchase a home in Florida. Contact us!

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